Return of the Kettlebell: Explosive Kettlebell Training for Explosive Muscle Gains



How to Master Advanced Kettlebell Drills And Explode Your Strength A hard man s plan for dramatic strength gains combining the sharpest edge of scientific research with the inherent power of the ancient kettlebell Thoroughly master Pavel s Enter the Kettlebell! program and you can consider yourself a Kettlebell Black Belt . But once you re a Kettlebell Black Belt, then what? Well, say hello to Return of the Kettlebell, which takes it for granted you already own those Black Belt fundamentals and offers you a dramatically tougher, yet highly systematic program for explosive and massive muscle gain. Return of the Kettlebell s protocols were born from Pavel s insights while training elite power athletes. Several champions made astonishing, almost mysterious, strength and muscle gains at least two broke new powerlifting world records thanks to kettlebell training. Pavel decided to reverse engineer this What the Hell effect experienced by the champions so all others could benefit from their success. Return of the Kettlebell presents the final fruit of Pavel s research combining the very best of ancient lifting wisdom with modern day scientific breakthroughs. Central to Pavel s new program for explosive muscle gain is the skillful use of double kettlebells. Discover smokers like the Double Clean, classic strength builders like the Double Snatch and Double Press and enjoy the supreme intensity of the Double Clean and Jerk. But just mastering the double kettlebell methods alone will hardly take you to the Promised Land of consistent, long-lasting and massive muscle gain. And here s where Pavel delivers the key plans and training schedules, designed according to the breakthrough Russian block system plus a slew of vital tips to ensure you continue to gain and gain and gain. Like the Breakfast of Champions, consume what s on the Return of the Kettlebell menu and watch yourself grow and grow!

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