Kickboxing classes are fitness-based. Participants will sharpen boxing and kickboxing skills in a stress-free and fun environment. The classes are fast-paced and energetic. A kickboxing class can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. That’s similar to running 10 miles. These classes are for men, women, and teens interested in pushing beyond their current fitness level in a fun and energetic environment.

San Luis Obispo Boxing Kickboxing

What to expect

The boxing classes incorporate circuit style training and basic boxing techniques while the kickboxing classes incorporate  Muay Thai and Khmer Kickboxing. This includes calisthenics, bag work, footwork, and mitt work drills.

Benefits of kickboxing training:

  • Increase energy and weight loss

  • Improve reflexes

  • Increase strength and endurance

  • Improve agility and timing

  • Improve footwork and learn to move with grace

  • Improve your Krav Maga skills

Youth Kickboxing Classes also available for ages 7+!